Scar Revision Specialist Palm Beach Gardens

What can be done to improve facial scars?

Scars on the face and neck are problematic since they are readily visible to other people. Motor vehicle accidents, assaults, dog bites, skin cancer removal and even surgical scars can all heal in an unfavorable manner. Any wound takes about 12 months to fully heal but sometimes a scar that will heal poorly can be identified sooner.  

In a consultation, we can discuss features of the scar that you are concerned with. Scar direction, color, depth and location will determine if the scar is more or less noticeable. A hypertrophic scar or keloid involves overgrowth of scar tissue. Medical and surgical management can be discussed after a full evaluation. Scar creams based in silicone can promote better healing if used soon after the injury. 

If scar surgery is recommended, the procedure itself takes about 1-2 hours and is performed in our accredited operating suite usually using local anesthesia.  The old scar or keloid is removed creating fresh surgical edges that can be carefully re-approximated to create the best conditions for optimal wound healing.¬†Advanced techniques such as z-plasty can be used to modify the orientation and length of the scar. The finest sutures that cause the least inflammation are used to optimize wound healing.¬† Most patients are able to return to normal activity between 3-4 days when most swelling subsides.

After surgery, the scar is checked regularly and patients are taught proper wound care. Maintaining moisture and avoiding sun exposure are the two most important factors to promote favorable healing. Sometimes steroid injections are used to reduce the recurrence of a hypertrophic scar or keloid. 

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