Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Specialists Palm Beach Gardens

What is a good reason for a nose job?

A good rhinoplasty is seen in the eyes. This was a lesson taught to me by a famous rhinoplasty surgeon many years ago. After someone has a nose job, people should be drawn to their eyes. 

There are many reasons people seek a consult for rhinoplasty, which is a procedure to improve the outer appearance of the nose. The most common issue is their nose is too large. There are many ways to measure the proportions of the nose, but a rhinoplasty surgeon can naturally identify what changes will make a nose more in line with the rest of a patient's facial features. Often a large bump on the bridge, a tip that is round and wide or a crooked component of the bridge are features patients would like refined and corrected with rhinoplasty.  

During a consultation for rhinoplasty, our main goal is to discuss and prioritize the nasal features that you do not like. After examining your nose, we can better explain how those features are corrected with surgery. The most commonly requested changes are to make the bridge of the nose straighter, rotate the tip slightly upwards and narrow an excessively wide tip.  

Surgery takes 2-3 hours and a cast is kept on your nose for a week. Skin swelling gradually reduces with time and a small incision heals to where it is barely noticeable. As the swelling goes down, your nose becomes more defined and the results become more noticeable. When facial proportions of the nose are in line with those of the face, it brings attention to the eyes and enhances overall facial attractiveness.  

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