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What can I do about my prominent ears?

Ear pinning or otoplasty is recommended for children with prominent ears to prevent the teasing and taunting from other children that can lead to psychological trauma. The general consensus to to consider it at the age or 5-6 as the ear has reached about 80% of its size at that point. 
Adults are equally important candidates for surgery if corrective surgery was not pursued earlier in life.

During your consultation, a careful evaluation is performed to determine what is causing the abnormal shape to the ear.  The two most common causes are a missing antihelical fold (the fold in the top of the ear) or an  excessively deep concha bowl pushing the whole ear outwards.  These are treated differently during surgery.

Surgery can be done under local anesthesia with a mild sedative in our operative suite or under anesthesia for children.  An incision is made behind the ear from which the cartilage of the ear can be modified.  Permanent sutures and cartilage reshaping is used to create a permanent repositioning.  The incisions when healed will be concealed in the natural creases of the skin behind the ear.  A soft band is worn to hold the ears in place during healing and to prevent bending the ear while sleeping. 

The end result should be ears that are closer to the scalp and with improved contours.  


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Dr. Dedo on Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)