NeckLift Specialists Palm Beach Gardens

Many patients come to see us asking for neck rejuvenation.  Often, there are features of aging that are more amendable to having a face and neck lift together and we go though great detail explain why this is a better option.  Occasionally, patients can achieve adequate rejuvenation by limiting surgery to a necklift. These patients have excessive laxity of the skin of the neck, too much fat tissue below their chin and banding of the neck muscles without any severe jowling of the jaw-line and dropping of tissue in the cheek area. 

A necklift involves incisions that are smaller than in a facelift. The part that is extended in front of the ear is limited and less noticeable. An incision below the chin is the same and imperceptible once healing is completed. This allows access to removing excess fat and tightening the muscles in the neck. Then from the incisions around the earlobe, these muscles can be pulled back and tightened to give the neck a sharp, smooth, youthful appearance. 

The procedure is done in our accredited operative facility under IV sedation and takes approximately 3 hours. Sutures are removed in 5-7 day and healing occurs over the next 2 weeks. When fully healed, the neck will look tighter, smother and rejuvenated.