Stem Cell Therapy - Palm Beach Gardens

Stem cells are quickly becoming the cutting edge in new treatments in medicine.  At the Gardens Cosmetic  Center, we use many techniques that utilize stem cells to enhance and rejuvenate. 

One technique is with fat transfer to the face.  We use fat transferring to volumize the face and restore a younger, fuller appearance.  Many experts believe that there are stem cells in the harvested graft material which has a dramatic regenerative effect on the skin, improving features that before were thought to be difficult to address. 

Another technique is using platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are rich in stem cells and growth factors important to stimulate endothelial growth with the goal of rejuvenation on the microbiologic lever.

We use PRP commonly during facelift and necklift procedures to promote better healing, reduce bleeding and bruising.  PRP can also be used during micro-needling resurfacing procedures.  We use the Derma-Pen macro-needling device for fine wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and other skin irregularities and when mixed with PRP, the regenerative factors are delivered deeper into the skin to enhance the results.  Sometimes, PRP can be injected in the soft tissues of the face to add volumizing collagen for an effect that can last up to 18 months.  This is a natural replacement of fillers since PRP is that it is autologous.  This means it is derived from you own blood making any potential for an adverse reaction essentially minimal.