Garden Cosmetic Center - Non Surgical Options

Facial Fillers - Radiesse, Restylane-L and Perlane-L, Juvederm Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC, Juvederm Voluma

Facial Fillers are products intended to treat wrinkles by plumping them up from underneath with a specific material. They are also used the treat volume loss over a certain regions of the face by applying them deep along the bone to change the contours that to restore a rejuvenated appearance. They are most commonly used in the lower half of the face to treat the lines around your mouth, lips, cheeks and below your eyes.

Neuromedulators Overview BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are all products intended to treat wrinkles by weakening the muscle activity that cause them. They are most commonly used in the upper half of the face to treat the lines in your forehead, between the eyebrows and in the crow’s feet areas among others.

Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Dedo is rapidly becoming a leader in clinical indications for stem cell therapies. His initial applications have been for orthopedic applications to treat osteoarthritis with hopes of developing cosmetic applications in the future.

Latisse (Longer Eyelashes)

LATISSE® is the only FDA approved product to treat short or sparse eye lashes.   After a few weeks of use, you can expect your eyelashes to grow longer, fuller, darker.  Application to your eyelids is simple and is easier than applying eye makeup. 

Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo, you are not alone. If you have considered removing it, you are also not alone.  It’s estimated that some 50% of tattoo wearers want their tattoo removed at some time in their life.

Skin Care Services

Chemical Peels

Facial rejuvenation often includes correcting skin surface irregularities and sun damage leading to loss of tone and consistent color.  Chemical peel is a safe and effective method to remove superficial skin cells to allow new ones to regenerate with a even tone, texture and tightening of the skin through simulation of deep collagen. 


In our office, we are pleased to use DermaPen Micro-needling to address superficial skin issues that are not amendable to surgery, fillers or botox.  Micro-needling is a technique using small needles at various depths to break the surface of the skin and induce the production of collagen.  The technique involves minimal pain and the down time is minimal.  The use is similar to laser resurfacing without the risks of skin pigment issues know with high intensity heat methods.