Gardens Cosmetic Center - Micro-Needling

In our office, we are pleased to use DermaPen Micro-needling to address superficial skin issues that are not amendable to surgery, fillers or botox.  Micro-needling is a technique using small needles at various depths to break the surface of the skin and induce the production of collagen.  The technique involves minimal pain and the down time is minimal.  The use is similar to laser resurfacing without the risks of skin pigment issues know with high intensity heat methods.

Another role for micro-needling is to provide a channel to deliver growth factors to the skin.  While performing the resurfacing, some gels can be used to create a smooth cooling effect during the procedure.  At our institute, we are pleased to offer micro-needling with either Tensage growth factor serums or to use your own stem cells and growth factors with Platelet Rich Plasma.  This will allow chemical signals to reach the various cells in your skin such as fibroblasts to drive the most collagen productions and enhance your final results. 


Microdermabrasion Video