Chemical Peels at Garden Cosmetic Center

Facial rejuvenation often includes correcting skin surface irregularities and sun damage leading to loss of tone and consistent color.  Chemical peel is a safe and effective method to remove superficial skin cells to allow new ones to regenerate with a even tone, texture and tightening of the skin through simulation of deep collagen. 

The degree of improvement depends on the depth of the chemical peel with moderate peels administered by our skin care specialist and deeper peels administered by our physicians.  Often, some areas of the face can undergo a chemical peel at the same time as an eyelid surgery or facelift. 

Recovery can be as quick as a few days with the more superficial peels and a few weeks with the deeper peels.  The skin will turn red during the healing phase and it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure while healing.  In the end, you should expect healthier looking skin with a more even tone, increases tightening and smoother appearance.

Chemical Peel Gallery