Facts You Need to Know about Injectables

Tips all patients need to know before pursuing injectable cosmetic treatments

When large events are rapidly approaching, many patients are seeking consultations for facial fillers and botox/dysport which offer quick improvement with no down time and few risks. Consider these issues when deciding on scheduling your visit:

1. Allow 2 weeks for all bruising to resolve - Bruises can occur with any injection procedure. Luckily, they are rare in my experience. Avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen or fish oil one week prior to a treatment and very slow injection techniques help to avoid bruising. Arnica montana cream can decrease bruising and yellow or green tint concealer can cover a resolving bruise.

2. Botox can take 5-7 days to take effect - Unfortunately, Botox or Dysport won’t work overnight. I recommend to get injected a week before an important social event. If you plan even further ahead, you also leave time for minor touch ups.

3. Facial fillers evolve with time - For the most part, the effect of facial fillers is instantaneous. There is a period of time afterwards that you may notice subtle changes. This is especially true with Juvederm since it absorbs water. These changes usually take about a week to occur.

The main message is to plan ahead. This allows me more flexibility to achieve the look you desire. Scheduling a consultation one to two weeks ahead is very helpful. To see if an injectable filler or botox is right for you, please call my office to schedule a free consultation.