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Dr Dedo is a Triple Board Certified facial and cosmetic surgeon specializing in procedures for the face, nose and body in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Read information on exciting new updates in cosmetic surgery, Smart LIPO laser liposuction, BOTOX® Cosmetic, Facelift Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty and more.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Dangerous to Your Health?

william toscano - Tuesday, December 07, 2010
Laser Tattoo Removal Dangers

The Dangers of Laser Tattoo Removal

According to a current worldwide investigation that includes the EEC and FDA there has been analysis of the constituent ingredients in tattoo pigment that when exposed to laser irradiation can cause serious health risks.

  The Makeup of Tattoo Pigment

It has been found that most of today's commercially available tattoo pigments are inorganic azo-pigments or polycyclic compounds. When laser pulses are applied to these compounds the ensuing heat causes the pigment particles to explode with some parts eventually transported to the liver. At autopsy the chemicals have also been shown to leach out into the skin and critical organs such as the lungs.

What this means in simple language is that laser tattoo removal can create unforeseen health risks long after the tattoo removal process that you simply would not want to deal with. There is currently no data that can disprove highly undesirable systemic health effects of laser tattoo removal and in particular the long-term effects which may contribute to specific types of cancer.

  New Tattoo Removal Methods

Fortunately, if you are looking to have a tattoo removed, laser tattoo removal is not your only option. There is a new tattoo removal method in Florida that enables the removal of any tattoo in 4 treatments or less without the use of a laser.

Read more about this new Florida tattoo removal method.

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Passing the petition room door, Hu Mingjun not help stop the pace, standing there with some curiosity, would like to hear some of what they say. Inside filled with people, and that the men in red T-shirt is Passion recounting: ... the introduction of the paper mill, but the use of the terms of reference of the hands, corruption and encroachment on land acquisition fee. In the mills Pianchipianhe. Mills mess row misplacing sewage, causing difficulty in drinking water ...... red T-shirt he had not finished those mother-in-law's big bitch in the crowd scrambling and screaming, chaos into gruel, and responsible for the reception just sitting there calm atmosphere did not come out one, despite those noisy. Hu Mingjun was surprised and puzzled Could it be that the working methods of the township is this? He shook his head blankly, coach purses outlet go alone.

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Waited for quite a while, until a person coach outlet coming from the end of the corridor, hands Duanliao Yi basin of water, walking and humming a ditty, came to the side of Hu Mingjun, bespectacled eyes glanced Hu Mingjun, said nothing alone into the office, looking at his tall, slightly camel's back, and think his face is probably the party committee Office Director Xie Dong, Hu Mingjun heart speculation.

The man put down the basin, and soon to come out from the office, smiled and asked Hu Mingjun: "Hello, what are you looking for? Everything okay?" Tone of voice is very soft, and listening to people are friendly.

Hu Mingjun smile and introduced himself: "Hello, my name is Hu Mingjun, fresh out of the army today to Nanping Township report.

The man listened, both hands, enthusiastically said: "Welcome, welcome, come in and sit!"

Hu Mingjun stretched out his pair of rough hands, holding his lubricated hand shook hard. Hu Mingjun see him: a shiny black hair, light Zeng Zeng, should be blown on the left, wide, shiny forehead hanging sweat, a hint of eyebrows, towering nose 上架着一副 of gold cover a pair of wire rimmed glasses was not very bright eyes, but gives Timcoach factory a point quiet, gentle feeling, thick lips, keep a touch of thick black dense suck the mustache, and gave a sly taste, very white skin, wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt, that T-shirt collar to the body tightly, flat chest, said that below the belly pudgy particularly conspicuous. Black and white, giving a seasoned, capable of feeling.

Loosen the hand, Hu Mingjun followed him into the office, came to the edge of the sofa. Hu Mingjun and sat down, the spine is straight bulging eyes look straight ahead, his hands gently on his knees. Firmly Dangdang like a large bell, looking at the seriousness of coach factory outlet online the appearance of Hu Mingjun, he secretly feel funny, reveals subtle hint of a mocking smile on his face, followed by sitting down, and then began to introduce myself: My name is Hsieh Tung, the beginning of the year before work to the Party Office, responsible for office work. previously engaged in civil affairs work. "

"Oh!" Hu Mingjun nodded slightly, faint smile on his face. Then pulled out a wallet from his trouser pockets, careful to come up with their own party organization relationship referral and administrative relations letter of introduction from the inside, hands and handed Hsieh Tung. Hsieh Tung take over, taken seriously, and said to himself: "you can not see out, only twenty-nine-year-old the deputy battalion-level officers, ah!"

Hu Mingjun smiled and did not say anything, and still maintained the standard soldier sitting.

Hsieh Tung after reading, stood up and said: "Hu Yingchang you wait, I'll coach factory outlet give you a register." Then, remove the bunch of keys from his waist to open the tin cupboard,coach outlet store which neatly filled kinds of kinds of information, he introduced administrative relations put in a plastic bag and took out a party work manual above for registration, while registration aside and said: "your administrative relationship Personnel Bureau to go on preparation and recalculate wages and I'll get on that right away! "

Hu Mingjun looked at him and said politely: "Thank you, please do that!"

Registration is completed, Hsieh Tung put inside, and locked the cupboard to hand, pour a glass of water on Hu Mingjun coffee table in front, cups braved thick vapor.

"Thank you, Xiezhu Ren." Said Hu Mingjun very grateful.

Hsieh Tung shook his head and said: "You're welcome, you sit for a while first, a little later, I'll take you to see Deng Shuji and other leadership."

Hu Mingjun heavy nodded: "Good!" And then immediately got up, quickly picked up the basin in the towel, wrung the water and began to wipe the desk, Hsieh Tung began accepting the messy things to pick up on the table.

"Xie Zhuren, to file circulated clip to give you." Of a 31-year-old man came in with firm strides.

"Hello, Shaw the minister., Huying Zhang, to introduce you to, this is our town armed Ministry Semin Minister." Hsieh Tung pointed to Hu Mingjun Semin said: "This is just the armycoach outlet store assigned to us Township work of Hu Mingjun comrades. "

"Hello, hello. Heard as early, deputy battalion demobilized cadres. Indifference rather dignified" Semin facial expressions, or warm toward Hu Mingjun stretched out his hand.
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